Ester Crocetta The Endless Source of Energy

ImageArt takes root in the human heart and only there will it flourish, in the most intimate meanders of its being, bringing us genuine emotions. In this case the emotions surface in the canvases of this excellent international painter. Ester Crocetta explores her passions in this was and frees them from their depths, unleashing her creativity, offering all of herself to her paintings, in her most intimate essence. Hence her works are of great visual impact, with strong, warm hues that deviate beyond the rationality of beauty and leave room for imagination in its many forms. Stylized bodies, open arms that welcome the world and impose their presence, underscoring the importance of the essence of the human being, which erupts on these colour-soaked canvases whose light caresses the spirit and releases new vigour in it.

The author highlights the vital elements of our existence – water, earth, fire – in sheer Imagesymbiosis with humanity. The lucky viewers of her work will be swept away by the alchemic nuances of light and colour that combining on the canvas in pure harmony. A true sight for the eyes, where only our sensibilities may reach that representative world and where we will all read what our hearts are saying. If I were to define the works of Ester Crocetta, I would call them an “endless source of energy” where colour dominates the world and breathes life into everything, offering the spectator the  feeling of a rebirth.

Monica Pasero (writer)



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